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Hello, Hello!

My name is Hannah Wolf and I'm a Website Designer, Marketing Data Analyst & Entrepreneur.

I love working with people to create things that matter most to them. I enjoy helping small businesses who are just getting started or those who have been around awhile and just need a reboot with their digital marketing storefront.

Creativity is where I live—it's how I function. So when I'm not working on something creative myself, I'm helping others find their own creativity through the work we do together.

My Story

Throughout college I was always the person switching my major and unsure of what I wanted to do "when I grew up". For awhile I was in hospitality because that was all I knew and I always enjoyed catering to others. After taking other courses in Communications I realized very quickly that was the best degree for me. In 2017 I graduated from Penn State and went onto work for an advertising agency out of Williamsport PA.  I loved everything that surrounded Advertising and Marketing and the overall endless creative options that it provided. After a few positions in that industry I picked up countless skills that allowed me to pursue a career in freelance website design and pass along my marketing knowledge to other business owners.


 I'm currently working as a Marketing Data Analyst in the Student Housing sector and own a Internet Listing Site called PA Wedding Guide - Wedding Vendor Directory.  It's safe to say I thrive on keeping busy and having projects in my back pocket. The family line of entrepreneurship lives on in my blood. 

Advice: Never stop be being curious. It's when you stop being curious that you hold yourself back from amazing opportunities, conversations and propelling yourself forward to a world of knowledge and power. 

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